CAC Artist in residence Program:
Provides residency to artists in the form of living quarters, studio and storage to enable artists to grow, develop, and express their art form. This program fosters the artist with low cost rent; marketing and grant support; and opportunities to perform and exhibit their art. The Program provides an extensive library of resources covering visual, performing, and language arts.

The Lois M. Nelson Theatre and Performing Arts Program:
The 600 seat proscenium theater is an entry way for performing arts patrons to find their way to the Collingwood Arts Center. In addition to plays and concerts sponsored by CAC, the theatre is host to local, regional, and national companies renting the facility for rehearsals and/or performances. Smaller venues such as poetry readings, house concerts, and chamber recitals are held in the parlors of the historic Gerber House.

CAC Arts Education Program:
The Collingwood Arts Center provides opportunities for the general public to appreciate the arts by immersing them in classes, workshops, and art camp activities. This program encourages growth in the arts through instruction, practicum, and performance experiences. The presence of the Children's Theatre Workshop and ToDAY Productions at the CAC give added opportunities for children and young people to experience first hand the joys of theater arts.

The CAC needs your ongoing support. Please consider making a sustaining contribution for the preservation and programs of the Collingwood Arts Center.

CAC Community Partners

Childrens Theater Workshop

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